What is Corporate Identity?


Every business organization in Surrey needs a strong Corporate Identity to interact with both customers and employees. With the help of corporate identity, customers can better understand the business. So what is corporate identity? Read on to find out what corporate identity really means.

What is corporate identity?

In a word, corporate identity describes your company. It represents what and who you are as a company. The term helps to understand the overall characteristics that make up your organization.

The identity of a company is at the heart of this concept. The term goes beyond design because it refers to corporate culture, values, and communication. Generally, corporate identity refers to the visual elements of the organisation’s “face.” These include company logo, tagline or slogan, visuals, typeface, colour scheme and much more. A company can create a corporate identity that is instantly recognisable and memorable when all the elements work together.

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The Importance of Corporate Identity For An Organization

To build a successful business in Surrey, organisations of all sizes need a proper corporate identity. Corporate identity plays a crucial role in shaping how people feel about your company’s products and services. Let’s look at four reasons why your company needs a corporate identity in Surrey.

Ensuring Consistency

Storing corporate identity helps every member represent your organization in the same way. As a result, it helps to establish a consistent identity among clients and shareholders.

Building Trust

A Company’s identity helps establish your brand and make trustworthiness among the customers. Your company can become a leader for a specific product by utilising this strategy.

Helps to Stand Out

A proper corporate identity helps build an impactful visual presentation across every channel. In the areas of social platforms, lead generation, and advertisement, your company will be able to stand out. Moreover, it helps your brands to reach a large number of customers.


Having a solid corporate identity makes your brands easily recognisable. Your client will be able to identify your company through its design, slogan, and products.

Difference Between Corporate Identity and Brand Identity

There is a difference between corporate identity and brand identity. Most people think that these two are contrary to popular belief. An organisation’s comparable identity conveys the values, ethics, and focus that created the product. It portrays the corporate identity of the parent organization.

The brand identity conveys a product’s ethics, focus, and quality. It creates the brand identity of a specific offering. Building a successful company brand identity is also essential. For brand marketing Surrey your company can also rely on Evolve.

Final Words

We hope now you know what corporate identity is and why it is essential. A solid and transparent corporate identity has become more critical than ever in today’s dynamic market.

It not only creates a lasting impression on the people but also helps differentiate. You should first establish your corporate identity before entering the business market of Surrey.